Isn’t there a free version? What’s the difference between that and the Plotagon Studio version?

Plotagon Story is the personal version that comes with 2 scenes and 6 characters (with others available for in-app purchase), and users can only publish their completed videos to the Plotagon community and YouTube. Plotagon Studio, on the other hand, includes 130 scenes (and counting) and dozens of standard characters, and you can save your completed videos to your hard drive or camera roll to share in your private network. Additionally, the Plotagon Studio license gives you the right to incorporate Plotagon movies into commercial products, including advertisements, training materials, and content.


What Operating Systems are available for Plotagon Studio?

Plotagon Studio is a downloadable application for Mac and Windows. You will need approximately 2 GB of free space on your computer’s hard drive to install Plotagon Studio and all its associated content.

System Requirements:



See the release notes of our Download page for more information.


Is there a Web-based version of Plotagon?

Because Plotagon uses such sophisticated graphics technology, it is necessary to run as a downloaded application.


What languages are available for Plotagon Studio?

The Plotagon application User Interface is in English, and it includes an English-language Text To Speech voice. But the User Interface is so easy and intuitive that only a basic knowledge of English is necessary to use the application. In fact, people all around the world are using Plotagon in a wide range of languages by recording their own voices, and others are using it to teach new languages.


What is the video export format?

Plotagon Studio for Mac and Windows exports MP4 videos in 720p resolution. It can also export short GIFs.


What about subtitles?

Plotagon Studio offers you three options to meet accessibility or translation requirements: Subtitles off, embedded subtitles, or a separate .SRT file so you can sync your subtitles later.


How hard is Plotagon to use?

Plotagon has a simple, intuitive User Interface that novices can master with almost no learning curve. The Plotagon application won the coveted Red Dot Award for Communication Design in 2015. Creating characters is as simple as clicking on facial attributes (hair style, skin color, etc.), clothing, and accessories. Making a film is just as easy, with a screenplay-like interface and drag-and-drop ordering.


Can I record my own voice?

Yes, you can! Once you type in your dialogue, you can click the microphone icon to either a) record your voice, or b) import an audio file. Plotagon will automatically sync the characters lips to the sound of your voice—no matter what language you or your actors are speaking!


How can I get more than two characters in a scene?


Each scene only includes two characters, but by combining scenes that show two sides of the same room, you can put up to four characters in the same place. Learn how on the Plotagon Studio blog.


Can two users work on the same Plotagon film?

Each Plotagon film resides locally on the user’s hard drive, offering maximum security and processing speed. However, thanks to the voice import, you can employ remote voice-over actors to read the dialogue, and then a single user can compile the completed movie.


What about custom characters and scenes?

Our in-house team of artists and designers can either customize existing content with your logos, colors, and branding, or create original material from the ground up to your specifications. Visit our Customize page for more information, and contact to request a quote.


Is my information safe?

Apart from the purchase information, the only information we collect is the email address associated with each user account. All other information—including the characters, scripts, and completed movies—remains on your users’ machines.


I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

Visit our Password Reset page, and we will email you a new password.


Where can I get support for my Plotagon Studio license?

We are happy to help! You can email with technical questions or with commercial questions.


How can I use the Plotagon movies once I finish them?

Each Plotagon Studio license allows you to save your completed movies to disk as an MP4 movie file that you can share with your colleagues, publish for your clients or customers, or even import the completed file into a movie editor or presentation application to include in a larger film.


How can I pay for Plotagon Studio?

Plotagon accepts credit card and wire transfer payments.